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Paolo and Chiara are the founders and creators of the Italian Brand Concept. They are life partners, world travelers and share a passion for fashion, design and architecture. 

Chiara has been working for leading brands in the fashion industry for over 15 years both in Europe and Asia and Paolo is an experienced architecture, design and marketing consultant for the hospitality industry. 

In 2017, Paolo and Chiara were looking for a new project that would combine their knowledge and background with their passion and curiosity for the world out there, and that is when AllYouCanGold was born. 

The idea was to identify a theme or a product that would inspire a sense of beauty, warmth, excitement and uniqueness. They started with looking at their centenary apartment in China, their closets and travel pictures to find a source of inspiration and each time something caught their eye it was due to the item’s shiny, bright golden color. First it was a gold threaded dress and a vintage purse in Chiara’s wardrobe, then a golden Chinese lamp matching a wall framework, then the golden Buddha standing out from their pictures of Bangkok or the golden-themes decor of a Spa resort in Vietnam. 

From modern or old fashion style clothing and accessories, to cutlery, furnitures and home decor, there was a world of golden objects and ambiance to offer. Today, Chiara and Paolo browse the web and travel the world in search of the most refined, innovative, unique and glamorous design objects and hotels having the golden color in common, which they select according to their all-Italian sense of style. Their e-commerce site displays a collection of golden items inspiring the qualities of this precious metal: passion, courage, beauty, happiness and grandeur. We hope that you, like us, will be captured by its glow. 

“There is gold everywhere, most people are not trained to see it”

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